Glowing Embers

Session 5

In Which The Party Arrive At Crouching Panther's Manse, and Reach a Satisfactory Arrangement

  • Tacitus and Ryu medically treat Loxodon, ensuring his condition is stable.
  • Crouching Panther lands the cloud in front of his impressive Manse, a largely wooden structure with many symbols and associations of Luna in the form of carvings and plaques and such. He leads everyone inside: Bhael follows eagerly, while the others check their surroundings first, find them to be safe, and Tacitus fireman-lifts Loxodon over his shoulder and carries him inside, bringing up the rear.
  • Crouching Panther leads the way to a large hall, lit by candles and sparsely furnished, with the exception of several thousand-comforts lounges. He transforms one into a chaise-longue for Loxodon, invites the others to sit, and does so himself. Lady Bright Feathers introduces Bhael, and Bhael explains that the two met in Ssaaneth; Crouching Panther explains the Silver Pact to Bhael, and says there’s all the information he could want on the subject, including the Moonsilver tattoos, available in his Archives. Unfortunately, while he will shortly alert his Dragon King friends to the Pack’s arrival, and arrange an unlimited meeting between them and the pack, he can only open his archive to those attuned to the Manse, and attunement to the Manse is conditional upon agreement to a set of terms.
  • Those terms: help him discover what the Seven-Stranded Vine are plotting- he knows it’s serious, and that they’re attempting to recruit Dragon Kings for it, but cannot investigate personally because the Seven-Stranded Vine knew him as a mortal, and he was with them when he Exalted. Also, swear to ‘hasten Tacitus and Bhael’s reincarnation’ should they ever fall to chimerism; and never reveal the falsity of the Snakemen of Ssaaneth’s history to them. The party all agree to the terms.
  • Crouching Panther leads everyone in the meditation of attunement to the Manse, before showing them the way to the library. After a fair time studying various subjects, a bell rings in the library, and beyond the door the candles are lit in a path to a tea lounge, where various teas and tisanes and refreshments await them- along with two Dragon Kings: Tanith, a Raptok, and Khurshid, an Anklok. Lady Bright Feathers is her charming self, instantly winning over the pair; while Bhael and Ryu are also charming and warmly received; and Tacitus makes a neutral impression. Lady Bright Feathers inquires as to their feelings regarding the current inhabitants of Ssaaneth, and finds that they share Crouching Panther’s curiousity and protective instinct towards the new culture. Bhael asks about Tanith’s encounter with the “mysterious, powerful woman” Crouching Panther mentioned as the Seven-Stranded Vine agent who’d been recruiting Dragon Kings; and Tanith tells him her description, and how she gave Tanith no problems when Tanith refused her ‘offer’ of joining her cause in exchange for her help restoring the Dragon Kings to power over humanity.
  • Crouching Panther joins the dinner party, and answers Tacitus’s geomancy questions- the Alternate Locations of the Manse are: the shore of the Thousand Dragon’s Lake in An-Teng, near Arjuf on the Blessed Isle, in Chanta in Halta, and in a cave in Abalone, in the Wavecrest Archipelago. He talks to both Tacitus and Bhael about the tattoos, telling Tacitus that the Silver Way is not so far from his own philosophy, and describing the benefits and drawbacks in full. Tacitus responds by leaving to smoke outside the Manse, while Bhael politely declines, seeing more advantages in the flexibility afforded by the lack of tattoos, and considering the threat of chimerism remote.
  • Ryu leaves just before moonrise to work on his crafting projects and spend the night in the yeddim van; while everyone else returns to the archives for a while before retiring to bed.

    Miscellaneous Observations
  • Crouching Panther seemed oddly humble for an Elder. Those knowledgeable about sorcery might theorise that one of his sacrifices for sorcery could’ve been his arrogance.



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