Glowing Embers

Session 4

In Which The Equinox is Celebrated, and Crouching Panther is Encountered

  • Everybody awakes. Ryu goes to Lady Bright Feathers’ chambers, where he presents her with a pair of custom extendable war-fans, decorated with obsidian and light-emitting crystals. A messenger arrives for each of the party, inviting them to breakfast, where seats have been prepared for them at the high table.
  • Conversation is struck up, and the itinerary of the festival is uncovered- a harvest celebration, which Lady Bright Feathers and Bhael discover will include a sacrifice to the Unconquered Sun of the hearts of the “Dragon Kings”’ worst criminals; and as the sun sets a carnival-like celebration dedicated to both the Unconquered Sun and Luna, followed by a sacred hunt. Lady Bright Feathers is made uncomfortable by the revelation regarding the sacrifice, but refrains from objecting out of respect for the “Dragon Kings”’ culture. Bhael is not unmoved, but seems more intellectually engaged by the question of whether the Unconquered Sun would appreciate such a “tainted” sacrifice.
  • Ryu spends the main part of the day in his workshop, working on some crystal bolts for Bhael and some light-emitting necklaces. Lady Bright Feathers and Bhael mingle at the bazaar, involving themselves in conversation with the locals. Loxodon spends his time in the library; while Tacitus wandered the Bazaar, silently observing. All but Lady Bright Feathers noticed the presence of a dark-skinned, Moonsilver-tattooed man with a black, feline tail Tell- Loxodon bowed; Tacitus unsuccessfully attempted to follow him without his notice; and the others acknowledged him respectfully.
  • Lady Bright Feather’s performance was truly phenomenal, the grace and expressiveness of her dance impressing even the most jaded observers. The fireworks that Ryu made were equally impressive, leaving everyone in awe. Lady Bright Feathers was appraoched with many gifts from admirers, and one of the Councillors approached her, promising that they would entrust their Moonsilver artifacts to her at a short ceremony at dawn the next day. Ryu quickly crafts memorabilia of the Pack, and generates even more good feeling towards them among the inhabitants of Ssaaneth.
  • All of the party but Bhael notice in their pre-hunt toast-glasses a shimmering message asking for a meeting at the conclusion of the hunt- at sunrise. Loxodon strips to a loin cloth and reveals his tattoos and caste mark, while Lady Bright Feathers reveals her caste mark and makes her Tell unmistakeable.
  • When the light of the full moon hits him, Loxodon sets off into the forest immediately, not waiting for the rest of the hunting party, or even the rest of his Pack. Loxodon, Ryu and Lady Bright Feathers are the only ones of the party who participate in the hunt; Bhael stays behind to talk more with those “Dragon Kings” who are not participating, while Tacitus becomes involved in a bar-room brawl, after which he patches up his opponents. The three hunters obtain the forms of several animals between them- Lady Bright Feathers hunts a Snake, Ryu hunts a Lemur and a Winged Praying Mantis, and Loxodon hunts a Tree Strider, a Bhangi Fly, a Spider Monkey and a Cheetah. Bhael and Tacitus have short conversations with Crouching Panther, resulting in Bhael gathering his belongings together in preparation for departure, and Tacitus becoming somewhat confused…!
  • As dawn approaches, the group gather by the clock tower. Lady Bright Feathers receives the Moonsilver, which she directs to be stored in the Yeddim cart, before leading the cart to the clock tower. When they are all there, Crouching Panther approaches them, and uses the Cloud Trapeze spell to summon a cloud large enough to carry them all, including the Yeddim cart! He invites them all to his Manse for a comfortable venue for their conversation, and an opportunity to meet his real Dragon Kings friends. Everybody boards the cloud.
  • The Pack gains a 2-dot Cult in Ssaaneth!
  • Loxodon falls ill with a mysterious tropical disease, collapsing while on the cloud. (Aka, Ben can’t make next session :P)

Moonsilver Artifacts

  • 5 x Moonsilver Hearthstone Amulets, each in the design of one of the original Lunar castemarks. These add 1 mote per hour to the bearer’s essence regeneration rate when a hearthstone is placed in the amulet’s socket; and have a commitment of 1 mote.
  • 2 x Moonsilver Dragon Tear Tiaras, which add 1 dice to Perception rolls or 3 dice to rolls requiring Occult sensitivity (except sorcery). They have a commitment of 2 motes, and bear 1 hearthstone setting.
  • 3 x suits of Moonsilver Lamellar armour (concealable under heavy cloak, 3m commitment, +8L/9B soak, hardness 5L/B)
  • 2 x Moonsilver Reinforced Breastplate (4m commitment, +10L/9B soak, hardness 8L/B, fatigue 1)
  • 1 x Spear Thrower of Exalted Prowess (5m commitment, speed 4, accuracy +3, damage +3L, range 120 yards; can produce essence javelins for 1m each with stats 4/+4/+7LP/170)
  • 1 x Illusion-Shattering Mirror
  • 1 x Translation Crystal (3m to activate, no commitment, translates any document it’s placed on into Old Realm)
  • 5 x Dreamscape Tutor Gems
  • 5 x Moonsilver Hearthstone Bracers


Loxodon will claim one of the Reinforced Breastplates, one of the Tutor Gems and the No Moon hearthstone amulet.

Session 4

My suggestion for the other hearthstone amulets: Lady Bright Feathers = waxing moon, Bhael = half moon, Ryu = waning moon, Tacitus = full moon.

Session 4

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