Silent Crescent

The expansive jungle region to the South of An-Teng; and home to several tribes, both nomadic and settled. Suffering intermittent attacks by Raksha raiders from the Fire Mountains to the East, these tribes have recently found hope in the form of a mysterious centaur-like figure, who rarely approaches anyone, but whose elusive presence has come to be counted on whenever the Fair Folk approach.

Places and Peoples of interest

Deep within the jungle lies the partially-ruined Ssaaneth, a city whose very existence is long-forgotten… except by those who live there. Records exist in a few ancient, crumbling books; though few even know of the existence of the Dragon King race, let alone make a study of their nigh-prehistoric civilisation and the locations of the cities they once built.

On the Northern border, where the jungle gives way to the civilisation of An-Teng, lies the Domain of the Serpents Who Walk Like Men, a fifty-sqaure-mile colony of the descendants of snake beastmen, now so human they are thought to merely have divine ancestry. A formal, insular society; scholars believe the colony dates back to before the Usurpation itself, and whisper that those who know the right questions to ask might uncover rare knowledge indeed, if they could cox answers from their hosts.

Silent Crescent

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