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Welcome to the Glowing Embers wiki!

It’s exceedingly empty for now, but as I do more planning work—and the players think of things to contribute!—it’ll start to fill up a bit.

For now, there’s the character reference page, which comprises a blank character sheet with all the wiki formatting you need to make it very presentable; and my work-in-progress pages on the Silent Crescent, An-Teng, the Fire Mountains and The Starting Premise (more to follow!).

In progress is the “Guide to the World of Exalted”, which itself links to pages on the various Exalt-types, other types of beings, different “realms”, and so on. I intend for this to be a useful resource, and not campaign-specific.

New page! Dreamscape Tutor Gem page is up, to enable you to stat them out! I’m going to start being meaner about spontaneous charm-learning from next session (ie 7), so these will be very useful.

Additionally, be sure to check out Bhael’s Diary, Niko’s IC addition to the wiki! First player contribution, w00t!

Second player contributution in the form of Tacitus Journal!

Main Page

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