Fire Mountains

The Fire Mountains separate An-Teng from the rest of the South- most closely, from The Lap in the North, and Gem in the South. They are home to barbarian tribes, house a Jadeborn city-state, and harbor the Raksha’s Lapis Court.

Places and Peoples of interest

The Lapis Court are a Fair Folk collective who pride themselves on their “compassion”: like any Raksha, they will enslave mortals and enjoy consuming their dreams and virtues; but with members of the Lapis Court, the slaves’ enjoyment is ensured too. Depending on your disposition, this may make Lapis nobles less or more horrific than other persuations of Fair Folk.

Shining Kren is the Mountain Folk’s South-Western city-state, named for the glowing yellow-amber crystals prevalent within the subterranean caverns that house it, as well as on the peaks’ surface. The state has a loose alliance with the Dragon-Blooded administrators of An-Teng, resulting in Jadeborn mercenaries occasionally being hired by the nation, primarily as marines to help combat the Lintha.

Fire Mountains

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