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  • Adventure Log Welcome

    The Adventure Log is here for chronicalling the campaign. Collective backstory also fits in here, but personal backstory and suchlike belong on your [[character reference page]]. All of the above are also well-placed on the [[Main Page | Wiki]]

  • Home Page

    h1. Welcome to the Glowing Embers Homepage! _Glowing Embers_ is an Exalted 2nd Edition Lunars game set in Creation's South-West. Our heroes are: a Changing Moon Bird of Paradise Courtesan, a No Moon Elephant Sorcerer-Savant, a Casteless Goat …

  • Main Page

    h1. Welcome to the Glowing Embers wiki! It's exceedingly empty for now, but as I do more planning work-- and the players think of things to contribute!-- it'll start to fill up a bit. For now, there's the [[character reference page]], which …

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