Glowing Embers

Session 3
In Which The Party Arrive in Ssaaneth, and Get To Know The Locals
  • Everyone awakes. Bhael hunts and kills a deer, which Tacitus spends the journey gutting and skinning. Ryu Sacred Hunts a winged praying mantis, and Lady Bright Feathers Sacred Hunts a leopard. Bhael convinces the others to detour to the ancient Dragon King city of Ssaaneth.
  • Loxodon and Ryu spot movement within an almost-prestine section of the city, and Lady Bright Feathers transforms into her Spirit Shape and flies off the investigate. Ryu joins her in Arctic Eagle form briefly, and flies back to the others with the direction of the people and their rough description.
  • The inhabitants of the city are initially wary, but show the party to the Council chambers, where Lady Bright Feathers succeeds in winning over the Councillors, who permit them free reign of the city, with guides to show Ryu and Tacitus around the greenhouses and laboratories, and to show Loxodon and Bhael to the library (though the latter two must ask the Librarian for permission to view the restricted section). Lady Bright Feathers remains with the Councillors, charming them into revealing information about their culture, such as their belief that they are descended from the Dragon Kings, that the possess a small quantity of Moonsilver in their vaults, and that they are preparing for a celebration the next evening for the Equinox. In return for her providing an impressive dance performance, they would be willing to trade the Moonsilver to her.
  • Loxodon and Bhael spend the rest of the day researching in the library. Bhael copies some local maps and reads some modern history books. Loxodon attempts to gain entry to the restricted section, but to no avail- indeed, while he is occupying the librarian’s attention, Bhael manages to pass unnoticed into the restricted room!
  • Ryu and Tacitus are taken on a tour of the greenhouses and laboratories, during which Ryu manages to charm many free samples from the Snakemen, and Tacitus succeeds in stealing a seedpod from a Leaf Armour plant. Ryu is told of the city’s possession of some Moonsilver, but fails to secure a deal for it, though doesn’t turn his guide off the idea.
  • Loxodon pulls an all-nighter, while the others retire to either the howdah or the prepared accomodation.
Please feel free to add any amendments or additions!
Session 2
In Which Those Lunars Travel Some Distance, and Kill Some Bugs
  • The night after the eventful night which concluded Session 1, Loxodon conjured a messenger demon, and contacted Elder Crouching Panther to inform him of Loxodon’s discovery of a Casteless Lunar and to ask permission to bring Bhael to him for further convincing on the subject of tattooing. Elder Crouching Panther responded via Infallible Messenger, granting such permission and commending Loxodon.
  • Bhael spent his preparation time studying maps and the lay of the land in textbooks as accurate as he could procure. Within three days, and with Loxodon’s help, he had managed to draw up a very detailed map of the route they were to take – complete with points of interest and areas where certain perils and plunder were to be expected.
  • The day before the meeting, Ryu purchased a fancy howdah, and that night Tacitus snuck into the mansion grounds and successfully concealed himself within the howdah.
  • Ryu and Lady Bright Feathers arrived at the teahouse for the arranged meeting, and flirted classily. Lady Bright Feathers has her effects and some travelling paraphinalia with her.
  • Loxodon and Bhael arrived outside, Loxodon already in elephant form with Bhael leading him.
  • Ryu sent his servants for his Yeddim Winibago-Workshop, the howdah, and his other effects.
  • They waited a while for Tacitus, but conclude he won’t be joining them, and depart.
  • Ryu travelled in his Winibago-Workshop, working on designs while not personally driving the cart; meanwhile, the others travelled in the howdah, with Loxodon “entertaining” everybody with academic lectures on various subjects. Lady Bright Feathers and Bhael joined in with Loxodon in a debate regarding local history and lore. Tacitus remained hidden.
  • They stopped for the night, where after eating, Bhael and Lady Bright Feathers provided entertainment around the campfire, while Loxodon read then fell asleep, and Ryu completed blueprints for pump-action crossbows; improved, telescopic war-fans; and salt-spreaders. Tacitus, unnoticed, appropriated leftovers from their meal once the others were asleep, before returning to his hiding place.
  • Upon waking, it was assumed that Ryu’s servants had cleared away the leftovers, and the journey was recommenced. Bhael cross referenced his own maps to some books he had brought with him and found that somewhere to the North of the location they were destined for contained telltale signs of an ancient Dragon King settlement. When engaged in conversation about it, Loxodon was unsure, but re-assured Bhael that Elder Crouching Panther would likely know more.
  • Within the Forest of Compassion, an attack by a half-dozen Bangi Flies brought Tacitus out of hiding: two were incinerated by Ryu’s Moonsilver Alchemical Fire Weapons, one by Tacitus’s Claws, and the remaining three by Loxodon’s casting of Death of Obsidian Butterflies.
  • Tacitus studied one of the Obsidian Butterflies, while Ryu collected a dozen of them and Bhael searched for useful herbs in the nearby foleage, finding dock leaf, coriander and hemp plants.
  • Tacitus did not return to hiding, but did not respond to the others’ friendly overtures towards him, except by accepting some tea made by Lady Bright Feathers. Bhael struck up a conversation with Loxodon, after witnessing his sorcery first hand, about his Mentor – an Artisan Sorcerer and Lore keeper for the First Age. Upon hearing Bhael’s mentor was a member of the Mountain Folk of legend, Ryu immediately wished to go and visit them sometime in the future, which seemed to cause Bhael to respond apprehensively. Lady Bright Feathers attempted, multiple times, to use her charms and her feminine wiles to encourage Tacitus to open up to the group; but to no avail.
  • That evening, Ryu added obsidian edges to his “improved war-fan” design, and sketched plans for an obsidian-shard-filled petard grenade. Once the others had fallen asleep, Tacitus snuck into the Winibago-Workshop and into Lady Bright Feather’s cabin, watched her sleep a while, then crafted her a delicate metal rose, leaving it in the cabin anonymously before retiring to his bedroll.
Session 1
In Which A Disparate Gaggle of Lunars Form A Group

Session 1 summary:

◦ Loxodon and Bhael were in one of Sapphire’s libraries- Bhael studying a map, Loxodon arguing with a librarian in a vain attempt to gain access to a restricted section. Giving up, Loxodon headed for the door, and on the way spotted Bhael, and his Tell of horns. Loxodon waited outside the library until Bhael left, took him aside and revealed their kinship, explaining to Bhael about Lunars and the Silver Pact. Loxodon then took him back to his place for further discussion and sharing of knowledge, and offered Bhael a place to stay and some spending money, which Bhael accepted readily.
◦ Meanwhile, Bright Feathers (female) and Ryu met in a high-class teahouse, where they flirted and Bright Feathers passed her contact details on.
◦ Loxodon left Bright Feathers a coded note alluding to his discovery of an un-tattooed Lunar, and suggesting they meet at the teahouse opposite his guesthouse the next morning.
◦ Tacitus got drunk on cheap swill, and went to sleep on the alley behind Loxodon’s guesthouse. Upon waking, he stumbled into the teahouse, to try to cure his hangover.
◦ Ryu decided to take breakfast in a modest teahouse, incidentally opposite Loxodon’s guesthouse.
◦ Loxodon took Bhael for breakfast in the teahouse, and introduced him to Bright Feathers (male). Bright Feathers attempted to convince Bhael of the urgency of obtaining the Moonsilver Tattoos, but despite the argument seeming flawless, Bhael held true to his view that, while the tattoos may be desirable in the future, they were not a high priority for him.
◦ Ryu and Tacitus both overheard snippets of the conversation- enough to inspire interest (and suspicion), and Ryu also noticed their Tells- but Loxodon noticed instantly that both of them had overheard, and immediately clocked their Tells, but remained silent, believing the conversion of so many Lunars in one spot, and his insight into their nature, to be the work of Luna. Tacitus fetched another drink and sat down at a table closer to Loxodon, Feathers and Bhael.
◦ Loxodon pitched the idea of introducing Bhael to a wise Lunar Elder he and Feathers are acquainted with, who lives in the Silent Crescent Forest. Bhael agrees, and Feathers concedes to accompany them.
◦ Loxodon invited Tacitus along. Tacitus blanked him, finished his drink and left, but waited just outside the teahouse. Bhael and Feathers looked askance at Loxodon, who explained that Tacitus was another Lunar (“It’s in the eyes”). Loxodon then met Ryu’s eyes and asked if he’d like to join them. Ryu agreed to the adventure, and clocked that Feathers is the lady he met the night before.
◦ The four of them agreed to go back to Ryu’s for an evening of fine wine, before meeting back at the teahouse in 3 days to leave to visit the Elder. They left the teahouse, and didn’t notice Tacitus as he followed them to Ryu’s rented mansion.
◦ As they approached the door to the mansion, Feathers surreptitiously scanned the area for anything suspicious, and spotted the skulking Tacitus. She called out to him, and pointed out his presence to the other Lunars. Tacitus fled, and was promptly pursued by Ryu in Arctic Eagle form, Feathers in Bird of Paradise form, and Bhael running really fast. Bhael caught up first, and asked him to slow down, telling him they didn’t want to hurt him. Tacitus turned, transformed into Scorpion-Man form, and told him to stop chasing him. Hearing some commotion, Loxodon armour-charmed-up and transformed into an elephant, preparing to weigh in as might be necessary. Ryu swooped down, transforming back into Raccoon-Man form and told him to stop running, and not to be afraid of fellow lunars, and that they just wanted to know what he wanted- why he was following them.
◦ Tacitus turned back into human form, declaring that this would just bring trouble down on all of them if they continued in this fashion, and that if they let him leave now, he’d meet them again soon to discuss matters. Ryu and Bhael told him to meet them in 3 days at the teahouse, and Tacitus agreed, then disappeared into the night.

(Let me know via comments if there are any newances I missed, or if I’ve misrepresented anything or such >_<.)

Post comments on your current concept ideas/backstory plans/etc (apart from anything you want to be secret from the rest of the party!), and discuss!

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