Glowing Embers

Session 11
In Which Quaneisha is Ended
  • In the midst of the chaos on the streets, Tacitus “escorts” a distracted Loxodon to his rented rooms. Loxodon warns of terrible intentions by the Infernals, of simultaneous assaults on the other palaces, and of these assaults being part of a coup by the Seven-Stranded Vine.
  • Ryu succeeds in charming Quaneisha into trusting him further, to the extent that when she relieves the Prince’s bodyguards of their Ancestor Sashes, she cedes to Ryu’s “chivalry” and lets him carry them for her.
  • Realising that taking the time to get to the other palaces, or to the Satrap, might miss them the chance to affect the outcome and spread their ‘forces’ too thinly, Loxodon and Tacitus head to Kiotaran’s palace, and convince Lady Bright Feathers and Ryu that however positive the spin Quaneisha is putting on her immediate goals, her long-term intentions would spell horrors for humanity.
  • Loxodon and Tacitus “deal with” the guards at the gate, Tacitus artfully disables the warning bell, and together with Lady Bright Feathers and Ryu plot a co-ordinated ambush. Ryu regretfully shoots flames at the back of her head, and as she spins to face him in angry betrayal, Bright Feathers swoops in and slices her back, Loxodon (in Spider Monkey form) starts doing the sorcery dance, Ryu (still regretfully) shoots her in the face, and Tacitus tramples on her face in Scorpion-man form. The Obsidian Butterflies “harmlessly” tear up the corridor.
  • Ryu picks up Quaneisha’s jewellry at a heartfelt memento of his former friend, and they all run to the cellar and the secret passage, Ryu intent on rescuing Kahryu.

It is my sad duty to inform you all that Niko will be retiring from the game. He may return at some point, but for now he’s taking a break from RPGs, and so Bhael will not be seen by the characters from the point Ryu and Lady Bright Feathers (and Crouching Panther) left him in the cellar of the palace “guarding their escape route”.

In other news, a week today will be the first post-Christmas-break session of Glowing Embers! Hope you’re all looking forward to it; I’m aiming to have a good session prepared :-).

Session 10
In Which Loxodon and Ryu Settle an Argument; Jaskaran Causes Chaos; and Quaneisha Justifies a Theft
  • Everyone arrives at Crouching Panther’s Manse, and their host promptly finds rooms for them all to sleep in. Once rested, they all go on Sacred Hunts before conversing with Crouching Panther, who says that he believes it possible the Cult may have “good” intentions, but doesn’t believe they can be trusted and still considers them suspicious. He asks that they avoid any “solution” to the Cult problem that involves mass slaughter- the mortal members are likely to be misled regarding any truly “evil” intentions of the Cult, and from rumours of the powers of these green-anima’d Exalts, it is probable some are brainwashed or even mind-controlled.
  • Ryu bathes in the hot-springs to recover from the previous day’s wounds. He and Tacitus spend much of the day working on their individual craft projects; Bhael requests that Tacitus make him a quiver of javelins, which Tacitus agrees to; and Ryu presents Lady Bright Feathers with a vial of Skin Like Hills Oil. Lady Bright Feathers investigates the state of affairs in An-Teng and sees some Warning/Wanted posters depicting rough sketches vaguely resembling the forms they fought the Wyld Hunt in. She catches the suspicious and horrified looks of passers-by before anyone raises the alarm, and beats a hasty retreat back to the Manse.
  • After another night’s rest, Loxodon and Ryu have their long and gruelling dual, which culminates in a victory by Ryu as Loxodon falls unconscious. Ryu and Tacitus patch the incapacitated elephant up, and when he awakens he shrugs then off, transforms to human, and hobbles over to the hot spring to heal. When Loxodon has recovered, Crouching Panther calls them all together, and informs them that the Warning Bell has been sounded in Sapphire, and neighbouring towns are starting to echo the call to bring in further assistance. His information doesn’t stretch to the cause of the alarm, but he suggests they all assume covert forms and investigate, as it must be a terribly serious matter.
  • They all enter the Manse and Crouching Panther selects the Thousand Dragons Lake “setting” for the door. Gull-Loxodon, Budgie-Ryu, Capybara-Tacitus, Ocelot-Bright-Feathers, Sand-Badger-Bhael and Cockatiel-Crouching-Panther emerge from the Gazebo, and Panther conjures the Cloud Trapeze to get them to Sapphire at maximum speed. They each drop from the cloud safely (Panther last), without drawing attention to themselves, and quickly notice a huge, demonic warstrider in the city, causing panic and havoc. Ryu tries to reason with it, discovering that Jaskaran is within it, but gaining little information as to his/its purpose.
  • Crouching Panther expresses his suspicion at such an obvious display of power and menace at such a mundane location, and the others quickly come to the conclusion that it is highly likely that it is a distraction of some sort. Ryu, Bhael, Lady Bright Feathers and Crouching Panther go to investigate the known hideouts of the Cult to see if they can uncover what Jaskaran is attempting to distract everyone from; leaving Loxodon and Tacitus to help the (largely ineffectual) Dragon-Blooded take down the Hellstrider. Loxodon transforms into Giant Elephant, Tacitus to Deadly Scorpio Man, and Ryu, Lady Bright Feathers and Bhael to their normal forms.
  • At their first stop, the “safe-house” Crouching Panther originally told them about, the investigation team follow a secret passage to a building Bhael identifies as Prince Kiotaran’s palace. Bhael stays behind to “guard their escape route”, while the others each pick a direction to investigate in. Ryu stumbles across Quaneisha, successfully sneaking behind her after relaying his location to the others, and demands to know where Kharyu is, holding Quaneisha at flamepiece-point. She turns slowly, and calmly explains that she’d made a snap decision that Kharyu was unlikely to be safe at that house should Dragon-Blooded guards appear on the scene, as they would instantly know Ryu and his associates for Anathema and consider Kharyu a collaborator; and given that the likelihood of guards arriving was high, took her into her custody for the time being. She assured Ryu that she would be willing to return Kharyu to him, safe and sound, once she had completed the task at hand.
  • Quaneisha is reticent to tell Ryu her plan, trying to convince him to permit her to continue her quest alone, and tries to mask her exasperation when he transforms into a mantis in response to her protest that they are more likely to be noticed than she would alone. Bhael suggests that Ryu pass on a message: that if she didn’t tell him, Bhael would call the guards on her. Ryu instead manages to finally convince her that he is very open-minded, and that he is more likely to get in her way if she continues to refuse to answer him, while very unlikely to oppose her otherwise. She tells him that Kiotaran, like his two brothers, is a puppet of the Dragon-Blooded, and she is here to “rescue” the gifts entrusted to the Princes of An-Teng by the Solars and Lunars who lived there in the First Age. When the word “Lunars” sparks Ryu’s interest, she quickly tries to backpedal, describing the Lunars’ role as merely that of passive agreement with the idea, with the gifts themselves being the work of the Solars alone. Ryu ponders the matter of whether to cede to her request for solitude…
  • Meanwhile, Loxodon and Tacitus succeed in incapacitating the Hellstrider in an epic battle, and despite the pleas of Lady Bright Feathers over the Gemstones, he drinks Jaskaran’s blood, acting before Tacitus can react. Tacitus stands there deeply disturbed…
Session 9
In Which the Wyld Hunt are Encountered
  • Lady Bright Feathers emerges from her room, asking what’s been going on and where Quaneisha is; while Loxodon calls for everyone to grab their belongings and prepare to leave, as he’d unthinkingly gone outside while his anima was flaring so bright it would’ve been visible for miles.
  • Loxodon and Ryu argue about whose fault the fight was and who was in the wrong, and Loxodon interprets Ryu’s attitude as a challenge to Counting Coup- Loxodon declares that the fight shall be in any form, with natural weapons only, two days from now at Crouching Panther’s Manse. Right now, they had to get going.
  • Lady Bright Feathers and Ryu decide to stay and attempt to convince the Dragon-Blooded who show up that they were innocent victims. Loxodon conjures a whirlwind and departs with Bhael and Tacitus, Tacitus miming for Bright Feathers to use the Gems of Far-Speaking if their blag fails. Bright Feathers tears her clothes and smudges her make-up, and starts crying about an anathema attack.
  • Five Dragon-Blooded soldiers round the walls of the mansion’s grounds, drawing their swords, and notice Feathers and Ryu’s tells immediately, running in for the attack. Bright Feathers uses the Gems immediately, calling the others back, and a fight ensues.
  • Loxodon drops Bhael off at his request, just on the far side of the river from Sapphire, before heading back the way he came at top speed.
  • The four Lunars just manage to dispatch the five soldiers and discuss a plan, when four more Dragon-Blooded arrive, and a second fight ensues. Loxodon fails to get the drop on the enemy, but starts shaping sorcery as he recovers himself, conjures a whirlwind, and picks up all the others. A severely injured Ryu manages to injure one of the two surviving dragon-blooded as they depart, and after thirty minutes of travelling, they arrive at the Gazebo.
Session 8
In Which An Altercation Takes Place
  • Bhael, Loxodon, Bright Feathers, Ryu, Quaneisha and Jaskaran arrive at Ryu’s rented mansion. Bright Feathers is feeling under the weather, and fears she may’ve come down with Loxodon’s mysterious twenty-five-hour jungle disease; so Ryu puts her to bed before changing attire with Kharyu and rejoining their guests.
  • Bhael, Quaneisha and Jaskaran find Loxodon in the main room of the house, head in a book. Bhael gives the introductions- Loxodon tenses somewhat, but maintains a polite facade, asking what Quaneisha does for a living (Middle Lands politician) and suchlike before starting on a lecture about the history of Gem.
  • Ryu and Kharyu enter, and relieve Quaneisha and Jaskaran of the dry academic conversation- also giving Loxodon the opportunity to quiz Bhael on how much the Cultists know about them (apparently nothing).
  • Loxodon stares at the guests, and perceives traces of demonic heritage or influence- the oil-black of Gethin plumage in Jaskaran’s hair, and the silvery fire of Gilmyne in Quaneisha’s eyes and making her facial features hazy. He excuses himself to the bathroom, where he uses the Gem of Farspeaking to call Tacitus back to the mansion for back-up.
  • Tacitus sneaks into the mansion via a first-floor window; on hearing the fevered groans of Lady Bright Feathers he moved to apply his medicine skill to ease her fever before heading to the master bedroom and proceeding to listen through the floor. In the main room, everyone is now engaged in conversation, which turns to political debate, which inevitably turns sour. Hearing the change in tone, Tacitus slips silently down the stairs, and hearing Loxodon turn into an elephant, bursts into the room in his Deadly Beastman Form, though remains there on guard, ready to spring should hostile action be taken by the guests.
  • Jaskaran activates an obvious apparent defensive charm, and, though only Loxodon notices it, attempts to launch some kind of invisible attack against the elephant, which misses. Loxodon attacks him, clinching Jaskaran with his trunk, the defensive charm overpowered by his elephantine might. Bhael grabs Kharyu and dashes for the door, successfully carrying her to safety, and positions himself in front of her defensively. Ryu shouts for negotiation, and Loxodon bellows in vehement opposition, while Quaneisha voices a willingness to negotiate but a refusal to surrender. Loxodon crushes and bashes Jaskaran into unconsciousness (not as viciously as that sounds…), and Bhael readies his spear-thrower, feigning aiming an essence javelin at her before loosing one at the unconscious Jaskaran.
  • Quaneisha refuses to surrender, but refuses to make a hostile move. Tacitus tells Bhael to check for guards, which he does, taking Kharyu with him. Seeing no danger, Bhael leaves Kharyu at the gates, and returns to the room, where Loxodon is swiping his trunk at Quaneisha, but Ryu parries it, prompting Tacitus to throw a punch at Ryu, which Ryu also parries. Quaneisha takes the opportunity to run to Jaskaran, pick up his incapacitated body, and dash for the window. Ryu looses a jet of flame at Tacitus for attacking him, which Tacitus artfully blocks with his new cloak; while Bhael fires a sleeping dart at Ryu, which bounces off a swirl of Moonsilver Tattoo Breastplate. Quaneisha crashes stylishly through the stained glass window, protecting Jaskaran with her cape, and sending a startled flock of birds up into the air. She lands on her feet and is instantly running.
  • From within, only Loxodon and Ryu hear a small, muffled sound. Upon rushing out, Loxodon sees nothing: no Quaneisha, no Jaskaran, and no Kharyu.

Hey guys,

This post is here for a couple of reasons. One, for you all to comment with what foods you dislike, so they can be avoided in anything I make for the game in future (and to say any foods you would particularly like to see!); two, to ask what you’d think of me providing food every week? This would have to be conditional on each of you being willing to donate a little bit of money towards ingredients- exact amount negotiable (though it should be the same for everyone), perhaps around £2? I’d be absolutely happy to cook every week, I just can’t really afford to cook for six every Wednesday evening! >_<

Let me know what you think!

P.S. This will not be back-dated, so don’t worry on that front.

Session 7
In Which The Party Attend A Party
  • After lunch, Loxodon relapsed with his mysterious jungle illness and retired to bed. Tacitus instructs Loxodon’s demon to return to the “abandoned” teahouse and see if anybody’s returned there, and report back to him; while Feathers goes socialising and the others go to the market.
  • At the market, Ryu purchases fine clothes for himself, Feathers, Bhael and Kharyu; and bodyguard garb for Tacitus. Bhael plays his flute for a book-stall to attract custom in return for a single tattered volume of romantic poetry. Ryu also purchases perfumes and jewellery, before the group return to the mansion to deposit their purchases and then head to the spa.
  • Bright Feathers charms some of An-Teng’s movers and shakers, increasing her influence and improving her information network, while hearing all the hot gossip; which largely seems to be regarding a talanted craftsman by the name of Jaskaran, whose jewellery and watches are particularly talked about, but whose name is also attached to fine carpentry and metalwork, masonry and the production of tintures and tonics. After receiving several promises of future patronage from powerful figures, Bright Feathers makes her way to the spa, subtley switching into her male form before arrival so as she could better privately converse with Bhael and Ryu.
  • Loxodon’s decanthrope returned to Tacitus somewhat worse for wear, with scratches and other injuries: as well as four humans being present at the “abandoned” teahouse, there had been three dematerialised blood-apes, apparently summoned as guard-dogs. Tacitus effectively administered first aid, while the Decanthrope described the layout of the building and the four human occupants.
  • Having ensured the demon’s well-being as far as possible, Tacitus retired to a decent-looking teahouse and ordered a cheap plum wine to boost his courage and pass the time before the party. At the spa, Feathers informs Bhael and Ryu of the buzz surrounding Jaskaran, and of her intent to commission a piece of jewellery from him. Ryu seems jealous, and Bright Feathers reassures him that her interest is purely of a professional nature, and that she intends no slur to his own talents by it.
  • Tacitus, Bhael, Feathers, Ryu, and Kharyu regrouped at the mansion, where one of Ryu’s servants ran to hire a rickshaw to take the to the Cerulean College’s Pavilion, where the soiree was being held. Ryu dazzles the party-goers with his entrance.
  • From across the room, Quaneisha recognises Kharyu, and approaches her in welcome. Ryu and Bright Feathers introduce themselves; Bhael just smiles and nods in welcome; and Tacitus remains stoney-faced, giving Feathers a “don’t you know who she is?” look when Quaneisha isn’t looking. Charmed by Ryu, and only moments later suddenly inclined towards Lady Bright Feathers as a friend, Quaneisha offers to introduce them all to her friend Jaskaran, and they meander in that direction through the party. The full-moonlight shines through the glass ceiling of the zen garden in the middle of the room, and Tacitus quickly seems even less sociable than usual.
  • Bhael separates from the group, and spends the evening first reading his ratty book, and then reciting memorised poetry exerts to groups of pretty young ladies, making a wonderful impression among them resulting in a thoroughly pleasant evening of conversation and dancing.
  • Shortly after Bhael parted ways with the others, there’s a flash, as of light on a mirror, and suddenly Quaneisha seems to have disappeared, and Tacitus can’t be seen either. Tacitus has in fact kidnapped Quaneisha, and dragged/carried her out of the building and into the grounds, avoiding the patrols of the few guards, and out of sight under a large tree with drooping branches. He releases her and, looking intimidating, demands information on the cult. Quaneisha doesn’t look cowed, but doesn’t attempt to lie either: the cult stands for traditional Tengese cultural values, and honours She Who Lives In Her Name as she is the Principle of Hierarchy, and also similarly deprived of her rightful place due to the actions of unrighteous usurpers. The Cult mean no harm to the people of An-Teng, only to the Dragon-Blooded “overlords”; they intend to return An-Teng to its traditional political system and protect and restore its cultural values. Tacitus picks her up by her throat, holds her for a moment, and then drops her again and informs her she can leave before turning away. She asks what a child of Luna is doing here anyway, to which he responds by drawing his sword and whipping around to face her, blade extended. She doesn’t move, tense but smirking slightly. He orders her to say nothing more, and leaves hurriedly.
  • Feathers and Ryu look around for Quaneisha but don’t see her, and notice that they can’t see Tacitus either, but put it to the back of their minds for the moment and continue on to introduce themselves to Jaskaran. The man seems a little shy, but his manner is charming and humble, and his grace and beauty are extraordinary. He speaks with pride of his crafts, and expresses his honour at being commissioned by Bright Feathers. He and Ryu speak a while, a little tension between them as Ryu perceives him as a rival, and the subject turns to personal philosophies, Jaskaran pleased to see that Ryu shares his mind in believing in the right and duty to fight to protect oneself and those one loves, for what one believes in, and for what rightfully belongs to one. Ryu attempts to discern whether Jaskaran in a child of Luna, but can see no proof in favour of the theory.
  • Tacitus encounters Lady Bright Feathers, after she tries to communicate with him via the Hearthstones, but only says he has to leave. Feathers grabs his shoulder in a death-grip, forcing him to remain still, and asks her questions regarding Quaneisha’s whereabouts again. He responds by pointing in the direction that he left Quaneisha in, and says that he didn’t do anything to her. Feathers looks disappointed at him, and says that that wasn’t the way they wanted to do things. Tacitus replies that didn’t she mean it wasn’t the way the Silver Pact did things, and disappeared into the night.
  • Lady Bright Feathers runs off in the direction Tacitus pointed, to find Quaneisha walking towards her, slightly rumpled, brushing herself down and fixing her hair. Showing concern, Feathers asks what happened and what she can do, and Quaneisha tells her about Tacitus questioning her (though not his man-handling, nor the subject of his questions), asking how long she’s known him- and believes her when she says they’d only hired him that night due to being short-staffed. She says that Tacitus seemed to have his own agenda, but wouldn’t elaborate further. She warmly accepts Feathers’ invitation for quiet drinks at Ryu’s mansion for herself and Jaskaran, and they all catch rickshaws to the mansion.
  • After disappearing, Tacitus heads straight for the worst bar he can find, and starts a bar-room brawl. None of the eight men who fought him walked out of the bar that night, all being left in various states of unconsciousness by Tacitus, who checked none of them were in danger of dying before leaving. He slunk away into the night, avoiding the notice of the alerted watchmen and guards.
Session 6
In Which They Return to Sapphire, and Commence Investigations
  • Everyone awakes in Crouching Panther’s manse, and depart to the shore of the Thousand Dragons’ Lake through the Alternate Locations power. They emerge in a gazebo set back from the lake-shore, surrounded by undergrowth. Bhael fishes briefly, while Lady Bright Feathers and Ryu undergo their beauty regimes then flag down a sailing ship, the occupants of which are very happy to give them all a lift to Sapphire in return for Feathers’ promise of on-board entertainment.
  • The sun is starting to dip in the sky by the time they pull into Sapphire. The party bids the boaters farewell, and head to Ryu’s rented mansion to discuss their plans. Then Feathers socialises in teahouses, Ryu seduces a group of students, Bhael goes fishing and makes conversation with passers-by, Loxodon summons a demon with Tacitus standing by in case the binding should fail (it doesn’t), and Tacitus then goes out and listens in on conversations in bars. All (bar Loxodon) obtain useful information, in their own unique ways.
  • All spend the night in the mansion, and breakfast together (with Ryu’s student friends) in the morning, where Ryu and Feathers question Kharyu, one of the students Ryu seduced, and charm her into telling them anything they want to know, as Ryu had received the impression that she knew something of the Seven-Stranded Vine’s activities. She gives them the same name that Tacitus had obtained the night before, connecting it to some odd exchanges around the colleges.
  • After breakfast, Loxodon sends his demon to scout out the address Tacitus obtained the night before, and he and Tacitus spend the morning crafting together, melting the unwanted Reinforced Breastplate into a Moonsilver Plant Tray (effective Artifact 1: when attuned for 3 motes, speeds the growth and maturation of plants significantly), while Lady Bright Feathers looks on. Tacitus briefly leaves during the cooling in order to purchase some high-quality compost and fertiliser. Ryu worked further on his Skin Like Mountain’s Oil fruit plant, and his ‘scope’, after promising Kharyu a trip to a spa and new clothing for the soiree at Cerulean College that evening (which Feathers had found out about, and to which Kharyu was already planning to attend as a student there). Bhael goes off on his own to investigate the bridge he was told shadowing figures (one misshapen) were seen under. He finds trace evidence on a demon-summoning haven taken place there a few days ago, and the faint remnants of footprints, which he follows.
  • Lady Bright Feathers decides to see where Bhael has got to, and, in bird form, finds him still following the trail, and aids in locating the destination point- it is the Seven-Stranded Vine safe-house which Crouching Panther had told them about. Feathers nonchalantly peers into the upper windows, while Bhael obtains knowledge of the layout and floorplan of the house through Charm use. Feathers sees a number of suspicious objects, particularly through one window. Using their hearthstones, they communicate with Loxodon, describing some of their findings, and debating over the best method of confrontation with the cult.
  • They all gather at the mansion for lunch, where they talk further.
Session 5
In Which The Party Arrive At Crouching Panther's Manse, and Reach a Satisfactory Arrangement
  • Tacitus and Ryu medically treat Loxodon, ensuring his condition is stable.
  • Crouching Panther lands the cloud in front of his impressive Manse, a largely wooden structure with many symbols and associations of Luna in the form of carvings and plaques and such. He leads everyone inside: Bhael follows eagerly, while the others check their surroundings first, find them to be safe, and Tacitus fireman-lifts Loxodon over his shoulder and carries him inside, bringing up the rear.
  • Crouching Panther leads the way to a large hall, lit by candles and sparsely furnished, with the exception of several thousand-comforts lounges. He transforms one into a chaise-longue for Loxodon, invites the others to sit, and does so himself. Lady Bright Feathers introduces Bhael, and Bhael explains that the two met in Ssaaneth; Crouching Panther explains the Silver Pact to Bhael, and says there’s all the information he could want on the subject, including the Moonsilver tattoos, available in his Archives. Unfortunately, while he will shortly alert his Dragon King friends to the Pack’s arrival, and arrange an unlimited meeting between them and the pack, he can only open his archive to those attuned to the Manse, and attunement to the Manse is conditional upon agreement to a set of terms.
  • Those terms: help him discover what the Seven-Stranded Vine are plotting- he knows it’s serious, and that they’re attempting to recruit Dragon Kings for it, but cannot investigate personally because the Seven-Stranded Vine knew him as a mortal, and he was with them when he Exalted. Also, swear to ‘hasten Tacitus and Bhael’s reincarnation’ should they ever fall to chimerism; and never reveal the falsity of the Snakemen of Ssaaneth’s history to them. The party all agree to the terms.
  • Crouching Panther leads everyone in the meditation of attunement to the Manse, before showing them the way to the library. After a fair time studying various subjects, a bell rings in the library, and beyond the door the candles are lit in a path to a tea lounge, where various teas and tisanes and refreshments await them- along with two Dragon Kings: Tanith, a Raptok, and Khurshid, an Anklok. Lady Bright Feathers is her charming self, instantly winning over the pair; while Bhael and Ryu are also charming and warmly received; and Tacitus makes a neutral impression. Lady Bright Feathers inquires as to their feelings regarding the current inhabitants of Ssaaneth, and finds that they share Crouching Panther’s curiousity and protective instinct towards the new culture. Bhael asks about Tanith’s encounter with the “mysterious, powerful woman” Crouching Panther mentioned as the Seven-Stranded Vine agent who’d been recruiting Dragon Kings; and Tanith tells him her description, and how she gave Tanith no problems when Tanith refused her ‘offer’ of joining her cause in exchange for her help restoring the Dragon Kings to power over humanity.
  • Crouching Panther joins the dinner party, and answers Tacitus’s geomancy questions- the Alternate Locations of the Manse are: the shore of the Thousand Dragon’s Lake in An-Teng, near Arjuf on the Blessed Isle, in Chanta in Halta, and in a cave in Abalone, in the Wavecrest Archipelago. He talks to both Tacitus and Bhael about the tattoos, telling Tacitus that the Silver Way is not so far from his own philosophy, and describing the benefits and drawbacks in full. Tacitus responds by leaving to smoke outside the Manse, while Bhael politely declines, seeing more advantages in the flexibility afforded by the lack of tattoos, and considering the threat of chimerism remote.
  • Ryu leaves just before moonrise to work on his crafting projects and spend the night in the yeddim van; while everyone else returns to the archives for a while before retiring to bed.

    Miscellaneous Observations
  • Crouching Panther seemed oddly humble for an Elder. Those knowledgeable about sorcery might theorise that one of his sacrifices for sorcery could’ve been his arrogance.
Session 4
In Which The Equinox is Celebrated, and Crouching Panther is Encountered
  • Everybody awakes. Ryu goes to Lady Bright Feathers’ chambers, where he presents her with a pair of custom extendable war-fans, decorated with obsidian and light-emitting crystals. A messenger arrives for each of the party, inviting them to breakfast, where seats have been prepared for them at the high table.
  • Conversation is struck up, and the itinerary of the festival is uncovered- a harvest celebration, which Lady Bright Feathers and Bhael discover will include a sacrifice to the Unconquered Sun of the hearts of the “Dragon Kings”’ worst criminals; and as the sun sets a carnival-like celebration dedicated to both the Unconquered Sun and Luna, followed by a sacred hunt. Lady Bright Feathers is made uncomfortable by the revelation regarding the sacrifice, but refrains from objecting out of respect for the “Dragon Kings”’ culture. Bhael is not unmoved, but seems more intellectually engaged by the question of whether the Unconquered Sun would appreciate such a “tainted” sacrifice.
  • Ryu spends the main part of the day in his workshop, working on some crystal bolts for Bhael and some light-emitting necklaces. Lady Bright Feathers and Bhael mingle at the bazaar, involving themselves in conversation with the locals. Loxodon spends his time in the library; while Tacitus wandered the Bazaar, silently observing. All but Lady Bright Feathers noticed the presence of a dark-skinned, Moonsilver-tattooed man with a black, feline tail Tell- Loxodon bowed; Tacitus unsuccessfully attempted to follow him without his notice; and the others acknowledged him respectfully.
  • Lady Bright Feather’s performance was truly phenomenal, the grace and expressiveness of her dance impressing even the most jaded observers. The fireworks that Ryu made were equally impressive, leaving everyone in awe. Lady Bright Feathers was appraoched with many gifts from admirers, and one of the Councillors approached her, promising that they would entrust their Moonsilver artifacts to her at a short ceremony at dawn the next day. Ryu quickly crafts memorabilia of the Pack, and generates even more good feeling towards them among the inhabitants of Ssaaneth.
  • All of the party but Bhael notice in their pre-hunt toast-glasses a shimmering message asking for a meeting at the conclusion of the hunt- at sunrise. Loxodon strips to a loin cloth and reveals his tattoos and caste mark, while Lady Bright Feathers reveals her caste mark and makes her Tell unmistakeable.
  • When the light of the full moon hits him, Loxodon sets off into the forest immediately, not waiting for the rest of the hunting party, or even the rest of his Pack. Loxodon, Ryu and Lady Bright Feathers are the only ones of the party who participate in the hunt; Bhael stays behind to talk more with those “Dragon Kings” who are not participating, while Tacitus becomes involved in a bar-room brawl, after which he patches up his opponents. The three hunters obtain the forms of several animals between them- Lady Bright Feathers hunts a Snake, Ryu hunts a Lemur and a Winged Praying Mantis, and Loxodon hunts a Tree Strider, a Bhangi Fly, a Spider Monkey and a Cheetah. Bhael and Tacitus have short conversations with Crouching Panther, resulting in Bhael gathering his belongings together in preparation for departure, and Tacitus becoming somewhat confused…!
  • As dawn approaches, the group gather by the clock tower. Lady Bright Feathers receives the Moonsilver, which she directs to be stored in the Yeddim cart, before leading the cart to the clock tower. When they are all there, Crouching Panther approaches them, and uses the Cloud Trapeze spell to summon a cloud large enough to carry them all, including the Yeddim cart! He invites them all to his Manse for a comfortable venue for their conversation, and an opportunity to meet his real Dragon Kings friends. Everybody boards the cloud.
  • The Pack gains a 2-dot Cult in Ssaaneth!
  • Loxodon falls ill with a mysterious tropical disease, collapsing while on the cloud. (Aka, Ben can’t make next session :P)

Moonsilver Artifacts

  • 5 x Moonsilver Hearthstone Amulets, each in the design of one of the original Lunar castemarks. These add 1 mote per hour to the bearer’s essence regeneration rate when a hearthstone is placed in the amulet’s socket; and have a commitment of 1 mote.
  • 2 x Moonsilver Dragon Tear Tiaras, which add 1 dice to Perception rolls or 3 dice to rolls requiring Occult sensitivity (except sorcery). They have a commitment of 2 motes, and bear 1 hearthstone setting.
  • 3 x suits of Moonsilver Lamellar armour (concealable under heavy cloak, 3m commitment, +8L/9B soak, hardness 5L/B)
  • 2 x Moonsilver Reinforced Breastplate (4m commitment, +10L/9B soak, hardness 8L/B, fatigue 1)
  • 1 x Spear Thrower of Exalted Prowess (5m commitment, speed 4, accuracy +3, damage +3L, range 120 yards; can produce essence javelins for 1m each with stats 4/+4/+7LP/170)
  • 1 x Illusion-Shattering Mirror
  • 1 x Translation Crystal (3m to activate, no commitment, translates any document it’s placed on into Old Realm)
  • 5 x Dreamscape Tutor Gems
  • 5 x Moonsilver Hearthstone Bracers

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