Glowing Embers

Session 3

In Which The Party Arrive in Ssaaneth, and Get To Know The Locals

  • Everyone awakes. Bhael hunts and kills a deer, which Tacitus spends the journey gutting and skinning. Ryu Sacred Hunts a winged praying mantis, and Lady Bright Feathers Sacred Hunts a leopard. Bhael convinces the others to detour to the ancient Dragon King city of Ssaaneth.
  • Loxodon and Ryu spot movement within an almost-prestine section of the city, and Lady Bright Feathers transforms into her Spirit Shape and flies off the investigate. Ryu joins her in Arctic Eagle form briefly, and flies back to the others with the direction of the people and their rough description.
  • The inhabitants of the city are initially wary, but show the party to the Council chambers, where Lady Bright Feathers succeeds in winning over the Councillors, who permit them free reign of the city, with guides to show Ryu and Tacitus around the greenhouses and laboratories, and to show Loxodon and Bhael to the library (though the latter two must ask the Librarian for permission to view the restricted section). Lady Bright Feathers remains with the Councillors, charming them into revealing information about their culture, such as their belief that they are descended from the Dragon Kings, that the possess a small quantity of Moonsilver in their vaults, and that they are preparing for a celebration the next evening for the Equinox. In return for her providing an impressive dance performance, they would be willing to trade the Moonsilver to her.
  • Loxodon and Bhael spend the rest of the day researching in the library. Bhael copies some local maps and reads some modern history books. Loxodon attempts to gain entry to the restricted section, but to no avail- indeed, while he is occupying the librarian’s attention, Bhael manages to pass unnoticed into the restricted room!
  • Ryu and Tacitus are taken on a tour of the greenhouses and laboratories, during which Ryu manages to charm many free samples from the Snakemen, and Tacitus succeeds in stealing a seedpod from a Leaf Armour plant. Ryu is told of the city’s possession of some Moonsilver, but fails to secure a deal for it, though doesn’t turn his guide off the idea.
  • Loxodon pulls an all-nighter, while the others retire to either the howdah or the prepared accomodation.
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