Glowing Embers

Session 21

In Which There Is A Battle

  • With most of the Dragon-Blooded engaging the Lintha at sea, and with the Golden Lord at hand, his banners being flown by their armies and Loxodon sporting all the regalia of one he has blessed, the party successfully convinces the remaining generals that they are the enemy of their enemy and won’t hang around, and gain reluctant “I’ll just pretend I didn’t see you and your armies” permission to save An-Teng’s butt. With their siege weaponry and armies in place, the Mountain Folk explode dramatically from the ground behind the front lines, led by Bhael.
  • Battles ensue, and the siege weaponry lays waste to the Lintha ships (and a few Dragon-Blooded ones “by mistake”). The armies combat the units of Elephant cavalry and Mask-controlled animals, and the party track down the puppet prince and remaining Shadow Assassin nobles. Bhael knocks them unconscious with a Jadeborn grenade, and the Golden Lord agrees to take them all into custody and see that justice is done. *And alas, we run out of time before the aftermath can be done justice, but the near-future plans of the party-members are shared, and they agree that someday they will meet again…



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