Glowing Embers

Session 19

In Which A Strategy is Formulated

Temporary version

  • On the boat, Loxodon summon (house-modified) Alveua to heal those of the party unable to heal themselves.
  • On arrival at the Manse, they find Bhael already in its grounds. Ryu, Loxodon and LBF have a private discussion, during which time Bhael investigates LBF’s prisoner- or would have done, had her method of restraint not been so creatively disturbing.
  • They hold a war meeting with Crouching Panther, who volunteers to recruit Ssaaneth and his Dragon King allies to help them ensure the SSV’s defeat. Ryu suggests appealing to the Golden Lord for his aid, and after a collective prayer, they decide to visit the Pinnacle of Mercy to speak to him in person, as while they receive the impression that he received their prayer favourably, he did not appear to them. Bhael says he can most likely persuade the Mountain Folk to assist them, especially as the SSV are allied to the Lintha; to which even Loxodon exhibits a level of disbelief regarding Bhael’s connections (while the others having no clue as to what the Mountain Folk are beyond Bhael’s previous mentioning of them).



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