Glowing Embers

Session 17

In Which Plans Are Made

Temporary Version

Loxodon lies ill with plot fever (though is well-tended by Tacitus, and Corvus brews a remedy for him that would’ve cured a lesser malady); Ryu works on his craft-projects and sacred-hunts an alligator; LBF sacred-pursues and seduces a pretty young lady and knocks her unconscious to acquire her form, and later sacred-hunts a gull; Corvus tutors Braith in the history of alchemy; and Tacitus studies his tutor-gem, sneakily uncovers Ryu’s secret project with the aid of Corvus, asks Loxodon for a lecture on the subject of Exaltation Shards, and anonymously leaves LBF the set of moonsilver-leaf armour as a gift.

The visit to Braith and Rukia is discovered, and the party investigates the whereabouts of Seki and Taro, the named perpetrators. Discovering their home address, Corvus sends a gilmyne to investigate, and when it doesn’t meet him at the designated spot with little sign of a struggle, he decides to summon a decanthrope, and that evening sends a single body to investigate the house. It returns in the designated time, and describes the presence of the twins, Zinan, and their parents, along with three demons- a tea-kettle, a passion moray and a needle-maker; all material.

As they sleep that evening, the ominous call for a wits+awareness roll that nobody succeeds heralds serious trouble just around the corner…



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