Glowing Embers

Session 16

In Which Mahila is Neutralised

Temporary Version

The party discern Mahila’s location and observe her activities, including a meeting with other members of the Seven Stranded Vine where they discuss the pros and cons of escalating events to accelerate their coup further. The decision which is reached is that “dealing with” General Shuri should be their priority, and they should remain low-key.

Party go to the barracks where Mahila is staying at night, and attempt to murder her in her sleep, succeeding in killing her and her loyal lieutenant Atsuko and escaping before reinforcements arrive. They leave Loxodon’s demons behind to take the blame, who attack the soldiers who first arrive on the scene before being Banished (presumably by a dragon-blooded sorcerer).

While they were out, Rukia (formerly Kharyu) and Braith receive visitors, who explain the situation to them and receive their Sashes back.



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