Glowing Embers

Session 15

In Which the Pack are Visited by the Cousins

Temporary Version

Tacitus scouts out the burnt ruins of the house they torched last session, and finds Cathak Horus on the case. Meanwhile, LBF tries and unfortunately fails to knock an Air Aspect female dragon-blood unconscious to steal her form; Ryu crafts; and Loxodon sends his Decanthrope to spy on Mahila, the Earth Aspect Akuma who’s next up the chain in the Seven-Stranded Vine. Just as they’re all at the house and about to leave to confront Mahila, some children are heard in the garden. Ryu opens the door to two 9-year-olds and a 19-year-old, claiming to be cousins of the girl someone fitting Ryu’s description rescued from a house fire the night before. This checks out with Loxodon’s memory of the girl’s aunt’s memories, and so they are invited in for some (marvellous) tea. The pack are on edge, but don’t do anything rash (mostly). The children depart safely, with invitations to return. The pack decide against moving further on the SSV that day.



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