Glowing Embers


Hey guys,

This post is here for a couple of reasons. One, for you all to comment with what foods you dislike, so they can be avoided in anything I make for the game in future (and to say any foods you would particularly like to see!); two, to ask what you’d think of me providing food every week? This would have to be conditional on each of you being willing to donate a little bit of money towards ingredients- exact amount negotiable (though it should be the same for everyone), perhaps around £2? I’d be absolutely happy to cook every week, I just can’t really afford to cook for six every Wednesday evening! >_<

Let me know what you think!

P.S. This will not be back-dated, so don’t worry on that front.


Ack, I can’t believe this slipped my mind. I was going to ask you how much I owed you for the cooking but somehow forgot! I’d be more than happy to pay. Additionally, please let me know if you’re ever running low on anything for cooking and I’ll pick it up for you beforehand!

As you’ve probably noted, I devour almost anything. Short of salad, I don’t think there’s anything I particularly dislike.

Thanks again for providing such awesome food at the sessions, though! :)


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