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Glowing Embers is an Exalted 2nd Edition Lunars game set in Creation’s South-West. Our heroes are: a Changing Moon Bird of Paradise Courtesan, a No Moon Elephant Sorcerer-Savant, a Casteless Goat Historian (currently suddenly and mysteriously absent), a Casteless Scorpion Paranoid-Combatant, a Changing Moon Raccoon Bourgeois Socialite, and a Casteless Raiton Sorcerer-Thaumaturge.

Between the slopes of the Fire Mountains to the East, where the Lapis Court of the Fair Folk have pitched their camp and the subterranean Mountain Folk have a secret city-state; and the nation of An-Teng to the North, which hides more secrets than even its ruling Princes know; and the Great Ocean to the West, where the demon-blooded Lintha pirates hail from; and the Silent Crescent jungle to the South, where barbarian tribes, clans of beastmen, and even fallen Dragon Kings reside; the air is stilling, and a storm is on the horizon…

Glowing Embers

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